People’s Choice #3: You’re Gonna Pay

As I said yesterday, we are adding a final prize to the Power Line Prize contest: the People’s Choice Award. People’s Choice is an opportunity for our readers to vote on their favorite entry that did not win a cash prize. We have selected eight nominees, based on the judges’ scores, readers’ comments, and virality so far. Once we have posted the eight contenders, we will put up a poll that will remain open for 48 hours. Your votes will determine who gets the $2,000 People’s Choice Award.

People’s Choice contender #3 is a song called “You’re Gonna Pay,” by Wilson Getchell. The song includes the line “fiscally responsible punk rock music,” which sums it up pretty well. It was something of a dark-horse hit, with tens of thousands of views between our site and YouTube. Here it is, once more:

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