The People’s Choice Award Goes To…Doorbell!

I can’t pretend that it is a surprise: “Doorbell” is closing in on 1,000,000 views, between this site and YouTube, so it is no shock that 62% of our readers voted for “Doorbell” as the winner of the People’s Choice Award. You can follow the link to see the final standings; the second place finisher, “You’re Gonna Pay,” had 11%, so the race can’t be described as close.

Your votes are worth $2,000 to Don Brookins, the creator of “Doorbell,” who may have launched a second career with one of the year’s most popular political videos. And that wraps up the Power Line Prize competition for this year. You can see many of the top video and song entries at the Power Line channel on YouTube, and Big Hollywood is currently reprising some of the top entries. We, too, will no doubt revisit them in the months to come.

Already, well over 1,000,000 Americans have seen one or more of the Power Line Prize entries and thereby learned a little more about the federal debt crisis. That satisfies my standard for a successful contest. Thanks to all, and especially to the Freedom Club, which raised the money for the four cash prizes.