Betty Friedan, Global Warming Denier

I’ll have a full review out soon of Daniel Yergin’s forthcoming book, The Quest, but there is one little gem from his chapter on climate change that is just too good not to share with Power Line readers to begin the week:

Already, at the end of the 1950s, Betty Friedan—later famous for writing The Feminine Mystique—popularized these theories in an article on “The Coming Ice Age.”  “If man finds no way to switch the glacial thermostat and avoid a new ice age,” she said, “there may well be a real estate boom in the Sahara.”

Maybe this was just a pre-emptive way of defending bra-burning, which is unlikely to be carbon-neutral.

As a footnote, Yergin’s narrative adds : “By the early 1970s the CIA was investigating the geopolitical impact of global cooling, including the “megadeaths and social upheaval” that would ensue.”  Don’t ever let the warmenists get away with the line that the “global cooling” theme in the 1970s was some minor, fringey thing.