From the North Woods (Cont.)

We are in the North Woods, but not by any means in the wilderness. This morning my wife, two of my daughters and I took a spin in our rented fishing boat:

I have always thought this sign is odd–in particular, the conjunction of worms and candy. It doesn’t have the same macho ring as the hand-lettered sign that greeted visitors who entered my home town in South Dakota from the East, advertising a local country store–Kones Korner: Beer * Guns * Ammo.

Today a cold front moved in. We took a pontoon boat across the lake for dinner at a restaurant on the West end. It was a cold ride, and we all got a little wet:

The wind had died down by the time we returned home, and the setting sun was out:

The temperature tonight is supposed to get down to 38 degrees. We’ve lit a fire and are scrounging the cabin for extra blankets.


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