The End of Civilization Is Upon Us

I can’t wait for John to get to the next Miss World contest, or the next Miss-Anyone contest, because this morning’s Wall Street Journal has delivered a truly horrific, gouge-your-eyes-out story on men’s fashion:

The fashion industry has its knickers in a twist over “manties.”  A contraction of “man” and “panties,” the wordplay is meant to describe certain undergarments for males.

It’s part of a special lexicon that has emerged, over the past decade, as a sort of shorthand for men’s fashion. Men can also wear “mandals” (male sandals), “murses” (purses), “mantyhose” (pantyhose) and “mankinis” (swimsuit variants)—though not necessarily all at the same time.

Oh dear God, no!  What’s next—men’s cosmetics?  Guess what: “Some male models are said to suffer from ‘manorexia.’ Several words describe grooming more than fashion, such as ‘guyliner’ (eyeliner for guys) and . . .”  Stop: just kill me now.

Sure enough, Obama turns up in the story, wearing “mandals,” though perhaps this is a subtle suggestion of how Obama might find a more suitable job than the one he has now.

I think I’ll wear my finest slob-wear for a week solid as penance for seeing this story.  There’s only one thing to do.  Run to the nearest London newsstand and grab one of those other News Corp. tabloids, and turn to page 3 before you sink into complete depression or your head explodes.

JOHN adds: Don’t worry Steve; if you can hang on until tonight, there is a Miss Universe update coming!


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