Things I Don’t Care About This Week

The trial of Michael Jackson’s doctor for involuntary manslaughter.  The new network TV season.  (Why is it that Hollywood always resembles the birds on the telephone line, who all take off in the same direction when the first crow squawks “Mad Men”?)  Doonesbury.  New York Times op-ed columns; all of them.  The latest Everton soccer match.  (Oops.  Better take that one back.)

The NBA strike.  The Real Housewives of Anyplace.  (Though if someone brings us “The Real Housewives of Riyadh” I might tune in.  And perhaps “Keeping Up With the Pelosis,” a perfect study in hypocrisy.)  The latest press release from CAIR.  Brett Favre’s latest comeback plans.  Anything by or about Lady Gaga.  Nancy Grace’s “wardrobe malfunction” on “Dancing with the Doofuses.”  (Doofi?)  The latest low-carb diet.  Deepak Chopra.  Michelle Obama.  Joe McGinness.  The latest news out of Argentina.  The League of Women Voters.  Who shot J.R.

But one thing I do care about, a little: Facebook’s confusing new format.  Can’t Obama do something about that?


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