Tracking the Center For American Progress, Updated

In Power Line vs. ThinkProgress, a Scorecard, we noted that a reader has gone to the trouble of summarizing some of the lies and misrepresentations that the left-wing web site ThinkProgress has propagated, particularly in connection with its smears of Charles and David Koch. That summary, with links to to the TP posts and refutations of them by us and others, is called the CAP Error and Dishonesty Tracker. I wrote when we first posted this page:

The Error and Dishonesty Tracker reveals how shameless TP and similar left-wing web sites are. Out of all of the blatant lies and errors in which we and others have caught TP, that site has made only a single correction. That is a testament to the sorry state of liberal “journalism” on the internet.

That statement remains true. The CAP Error and Dishonesty Tracker has been updated to add one of the all-time classics, Contango Confusion, one of the most embarrassing moments ever suffered by a political web site. Check out the Error and Dishonesty Tracker; it is a useful reminder of the intellectual bankruptcy of the American left.


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