Unfortunately, Not A Photoshop

This morning, Steve posted and commented on this bizarre photo, in which Barack Obama seems to experience a sort of Tourette’s moment, blocking out another world leader in a group photo. It was originally suspected of being a photoshop because of Obama’s bizarre conduct and affect, but it turned out to be genuine:

What chief executive was erased from the photo by Obama’s upraised palm? I don’t know, but Michael Ramirez, the greatest editorial cartoonist now working by a country mile, needed only a few hours to transmute news photography into commentary:

With all due respect to the unidentified world leader whose face was blocked in the real photo, President Obama does far more damage by consistently interfering with American businessmen’s ability to innovate, manufacture products, create jobs and make money. What America needs more than anything else is for Barack Obama and his minions to get out of the way.


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