Vacation, All I Ever Wanted

As of today I am on vacation until Tuesday. I intend to take a break from the news as well, so if I post at all it will probably either be photos of the North Woods or news of the impending Miss Universe pageant. (Some duties, after all, cannot be shirked.) The Miss Universe finale, if you haven’t been following it, will take place on September 12 in Sao Paulo, Brazil. This site has Miss USA as the early betting favorite, but I don’t believe it.

I will return to the odds in a later post, but for now just want to note that you can go to the Miss Universe site and check out the contestants. It looks like a very strong field. Among other things, you can vote for your favorite contestant on the pageant site; the contestant who gets the most online votes automatically moves to the semifinals. You can also watch videos of some of the contestants. Ultimately, all of them will have videos posted, but you watch them at your peril–they can be disillusioning. This is partly because the people who run the pageant insist on asking dumb questions like, “If you were an animal, what animal would you be?” You can blame Donald Trump, I guess.

Here are a few of my early favorites; click to enlarge. You might not think of Angola as a beauty pageant hot spot, but it has become one in recent years. Miss Angola:

Miss Australia is a highly-regarded contestant, and rightly so:

Belgium is another country one doesn’t think of as a center of beauty pageantry, but for some reason it consistently fields strong competitors. This year is no exception:

If you’re thinking I didn’t get very far into the alphabet, you are right. As I say, it is a good field. More to come.


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