Dreams From His Uncle, cont’d

We have followed the saga of Obama’s Uncle Onyango since he was apprehended for drunk driving in Framingham, Massachusetts, in mid-August. Uncle Onyango had a near collision with a Framingham police car outside the Chicken Bone Saloon a block from Uncle Onyango’s Framingham home. “I think I will call the White House,” Uncle Obama said when the the arresting officer offered him his one phone call. Uncle Onyango apparently hadn’t heard that his nephew was vacationing over on the Vineyard.

The saga of Obama’s Uncle Onyango is interesting in itself. Taken together with the saga of Obama’s Aunt Zeituni, it also tells you just about everything you need to know about the farcical non-enforcement of our immigration laws. Running a background check upon his apprehension, the Framingham police discovered that Uncle Onyango had been subject to a deportation order since 1992. The police turned him over to immigration authorities, who detained him in the Plymouth County House of Correction. Uncle Onyango was released without comment by the immigration authorities last month and then mysteriously dropped from sight.

Uncle Onyango reappeared this week for his arraignment in state court on the drunk driving charge. At court Uncle Onyango was amused by the scene. Accompanied by two attorneys and an unidentified male supporter, Uncle Onyango giggled his way through the proceedings.

Why is this man lauging? Hey, life is good. Uncle Onyango is back on the job at Conti Liquors in Framingham, where he can presumably take advantage of the employee discount. There’s a joke or two here somewhere alright.

Is Uncle Onyango working legally? That is a a great question, one to which the Boston Herald has unsuccessfully sought the answer. But thanks for asking!


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