For a Mere $9 Million, We Can Be Had

Poor Keith Olbermann! Driven out of MSNBC–the hinterlands, at best, when it comes to cable news ratings–he has been relegated to Al Gore’s Current TV network.

I had never heard of Current TV, actually, until I saw this news story on Olbermann’s sad demise:

Keith Olbermann is not in the witness protection program, but he might as well be. His show on Al Gore’s Current TV (America’s least watched network) has lost nearly a third of its viewers in four months.

Pretty impressive result for $10 million a year. That’s just his salary. …

Last month’s numbers were even worse. Olbermann’s average was down to 46,000 viewers and was in no danger of coming close to breaking into the top 30 cable TV news shows.

46,000 viewers? Wow. We do better than that. And he gets paid $10 million a year? Heck, we’ll offer Al Gore a bargain: for a mere $9 million a year, he can have all three of us. Not only are we cheaper, if he replaces Olbermann with us, Al won’t be employing one of the worst people in the world.