Local Residents Hate Wall St. Occupiers

The New York Post reports on a “chaotic” Community Board meeting in which residents who are unfortunate enough to live in the vicinity of Zuccotti Park unloaded on the “Occupy Wall Street” protesters:

“They are defecating on our doorsteps,” fumed Katherine Hughes, a stay at home mom who has the misfortune of living one block from the chaos. “A lot of people are very frustrated. A lot of people are concerned about the safety of our kids.”

Fed up homeowners said that they’ve been subjected to insults and harassment as they trek to their jobs each morning. “The protesters taunt people who are on their way to work,” said James Fernandez, 51, whose apartment overlooks the park.

Board member Paul Cantor said that residents are fed up with the incessant racket that emanates from the protest at all hours. “It’s mostly a noise issue,” he said. If people can’t sleep and children can’t sleep because the protesters are banging drums then that’s a problem.” …

The line to speak at the standing room only meeting spilled out of the board’s office and onto the street outside where Zuccotti sympathizers sparred with angry residents. One elderly woman told a protester to stop screaming and was met with an even hgiher volume. “Get some earplugs!,” retorted David Stano.

The Democrats are crazy to align themselves with people–bums, essentially–who will annoy if not enrage the vast majority of voters. That Democrats are willing to take a chance on being the “Occupy Wall Street” party is the clearest possible evidence of how desperate they are, and how much they fear next year’s elections.