More Racism from MSNBC

Check out this shocking video from Martin Bashir’s program on MSNBC earlier today. Democratic Party strategist Karen Finney calls Herman Cain “a black man who knows his place.” Unbelievable:

So, what is Cain’s “place”? Rocket scientist; computer systems analyst; successful businessman; turnaround artist; wealthy CEO; President of the National Restaurant Association; Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City; radio talk show host; popular speaker to conservative groups and advocate for free markets; and now, finally, contender for the Republican presidential nomination. That is one hell of a “place.” Can you imagine a more myopic comment?

You might think Karen Finney is just some fringe MSNBC character, but this is how her Politio bio describes her:

A leading democratic strategist, MSNBC Political Analyst and columnist for The Hill, Karen Finney works with political and corporate clients in the United States and globally in the areas of political and communication strategy, message development, crisis communications, branding, and public affairs.

Finney bills herself as an African-American. She should be deeply ashamed of herself. One wonders: if Karen Finney represents the Democratic Party–and she does–why on earth would any African-American ever vote for a Democrat?


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