“Occupy” Police Blotter Continues to Grow

Drudge is highlighting the continuing criminal problems of various “occupy” groups: in Boston, a heroin bust, in Dallas, a sexual assault. Zombie visited Occupy Oakland and came away disgusted–no wonder, since the City has “issued an eviction notice the day before the rally, citing sanitation issues, garbage, rats and other hygiene problems at the encampment.” (Yes, I know, it’s just like the Tea Party.) Zombie found widespread evidence of criminal conduct, including drug dealing. I think I knew this guy, photographed taking a hit on what looks like a hash pipe, in the 1960s:

Here in Minnesota, you might expect the Occupation to be relatively crime-free. But no: the local Sheriff’s office reports finding a box of bricks and rocks at the occupation site next to the Hennepin County Government Center:

A box containing bricks and rocks was removed from the downtown Minneapolis site of the OccupyMN protest along with a note that described items as supplies for a riot, authorities said. …

The discovery of the bricks and rocks Monday are “a concern for the safety” of law enforcement personnel and those who visit or work at the Government Center, the Sheriff’s Office said in a statement revealing the discovery.

The article also notes that while there were several hundred demonstrators present when the occupation again, a “much smaller number” is now “pressing on.” Yeah, it’s starting to get cold. My guess is that by now, you could count them on your fingers and toes. As the weather continues to cool, the nationwide crime wave can be expected to die down.


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