President Teleprompter

I recall the moment in 1979 when I concluded that Jimmy Carter was washed up.  It was after the infamous “killer rabbit” episode (the “rabbit incident,” as his staff called it), and PBS funny man Mark Russell was telling the story of how Carter had raised up his canoe paddle to strike the rabbit–then Russell paused, and with his superb comic timing, leered at the camera and said slowly, “And you didn’t think Carter had a paddle!”

Well, by now you’ve probably heard the news that Obama’s teleprompter was stolen on his latest bus trip.  And Conan O’Brien takes it from here.  Worth watching through the online commercial.)  If you’re losing the late night comics this badly. . .  Yes, I know, George W. Bush lost them, too, but who cared.  It matters more for Obama.  Late night viewers tend to be the young and independent types that he has to have to get re-elected.