Professor Epstein explains

At the bottom of John Hinderaker’s post on the “Good news from the CBO,” Steve Hayward adds that if you want to see John’s point gilded in brilliant fashion, see Richard Epstein discuss the CBO report on the PBS News Hour earlier this week. Steve comments: “Somebody at PBS clearly screwed up letting this through.”

These glorious nine minutes with Professor Epstein paired with PBS Man for his foil are one of the most entertaining things I have seen in a long time. Here is the video.

John and I wrote a good paper on the subject of income inequality for the Center of the American Experiment in 1995. National Review published part of it, as did AEI’s old American Enterprise magazine. The essay — The truth about income inequality — is available online, although Amazon lists it as out of print. It has become a collector’s item! The statistics require updating, but I believe the points we made have generally become truer over time.

UPDATE: Our friends at the Center of the American Experiment have sent me this link to our income inequality paper in which the graphics come through.


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