Quote of the Day

Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown famously posed nude for Cosmopolitan magazine to help pay his way through college. He is now running for re-election against the far-left Elizabeth Warren, who wasted no time in attacking Brown for that supposed transgression.

But Brown didn’t give an inch:

It didn’t take long for Sen. Scott Brown’s naked centerfold in Cosmopolitan magazine to come up in his bid for reelection.

Democratic frontrunner Elizabeth Warren took a shot at Mr. Brown this week, responding, “I kept my clothes on” when asked at a primary debate how she paid for college.

“Thank God,” Mr. Brown said, when asked for a response on the Boston radio station WZLX.

Brown went on to soften that zinger a bit, but it is doubtful that Warren will want to revisit the topic:

Drawing laughter from the disc jockeys, he added, “Whatever, let her throw stones, I did what I had to do. But not for having that opportunity, I never would have been able to pay for school and I probably wouldn’t have gone to school and I wouldn’t be talking to you, so whatever.”


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