Separated At Birth!

My wife showed me this photo and asked who I thought it was:

Well, I said, that’s easy: it is Bill and Hillary Clinton. Admittedly, the girl doesn’t exactly look like Hillary, but the guy is obviously Bill. Ergo…

But the guy is not Bill Clinton. Via Facebook, it is…our pal Ed Morrissey, with his high school prom date! Here, for the record, is Clinton at a little more advanced age:

Separated at birth, Bill Clinton and Ed Morrissey! That perhaps accounts for the ideological similarity between them…

But still, Ed, I have to ask: when was this, 1978? And, good hair, but what is the story with the ruffles? And the powder blue tie? I mean, yikes! If I could have gotten a date to the high school prom, I would have dressed much better than that!

UPDATE: Ed responds:

LOL! Loree left a similar message on my facebook page. You almost guessed the year exactly — it was 1979, and the blue tux and the ruffles were very much the style then! The girl is my first real love, Sherry, and that’s my favorite picture of her. If it was possible to be bohemian in southwestern Los Angeles County in 1979, she would have been the leading bohemian.

I can only add that it was never possible to be bohemian in northeastern South Dakota in 1979 or any other year. Meanwhile, no response yet from Bill C….


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