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Barack Obama’s so-called jobs bill — the American Jobs Act, or the Jobbing America Act — is the demagogic heart of his recent speeches. “Pass the bill” has become the comic refrain in these speeches. The bill offers the patented Obamaian mix of tax increases and union payoffs.

The Hill reports that the National Education Association, the largest teachers’ union, has launched a multistate television ad campaign supporting the bill: “The 30-second television ad urges lawmakers to vote for the legislation, with several children saying school programs are being cut and teachers are being laid off. The president’s proposal includes $30 billion to pay for teachers and another $30 billion to modernize schools.” The word “modernize” should be in quotes, but you get the picture.

Is Obama really going to run for reelection on the failure of the bill to move? Ed Morrissey draws attention to the fact that the bill has so far not attracted a single cosponsor in either the Senate or the House. I should think that sponsorship wouldn’t be a problem. There are plenty of Democrats from safe states or districts where plugging the bill entails no political risk. What’s the problem?


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