Climategate 2.0 Update

I’m still making my way through the new batch of emails from Climategate 2.0, and as there are more than 5,000 of them it is an overwhelming job.  But keep your eye out for this space–I’m working on an article for the next edition of the Weekly Standard out this Saturday.

But I can’t resist this one short excerpt that I haven’t seen mentioned in any of the coverage so far–a 2007 email from Tommy Wils, a climate researcher at the University of Swansea in Britain, who wrote: “Politicians like Al Gore are abusing the fear of global warming to get into power (while having a huge carbon footprint himself).”

The climate science community might have done a lot of good and avoided a lot of agony if they’d ever said this kind of thing publicly, or called out the egregious distortions and exaggerations of the environmental activists.

Stay tuned.  More to come. . .


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