Environmental Injustice, Hugh Hewitt Edition

I wrote about the EPA’s “environmental justice” initiative here, here and here. The environmental justice program is based on an executive order by Bill Clinton, which was mostly ignored until Barack Obama’s EPA ran with it. The fundamental problem with “environmental justice,” apart from the fact that no one has any idea what it is, is that the EPA has no legislative authority to pursue such an agenda. Accordingly, the agency is now using its permitting powers to coerce companies into taking actions for which there is no legal basis–for example, buying new homes, somewhere else, for people who live near industrial facilities like refineries. This is one more example of the extra-legal administrative state run amok; we have seen it to an unprecedented degree in the lawless Obama administration.

Hugh Hewitt knows as much as anyone about the EPA’s depredations, and had me on his radio show for a segment tonight talking about the environmental justice issue. Here it is: