It’s Miss Venezuela!

Miss Venezuela, Ivian Lunasol Sarcos Colimenares, was crowned Miss World 2011 today. Miss Venezuela was the favorite at 6-1 in Ladbrokes’ book, so this time the bettors knew what they were doing. Here is Miss Venezuela during today’s show:

Miss Philippines, Gwendoline Ruais, was the runner-up, in a mild upset. Here she is:

Miss Ruais is something of a public policy geek; she participated in the Model United Nations Assembly, where she joined the Human Rights Council and was elected best debater.

Miss Puerto Rico, Amanda Victoria Vilanova Perez, finished third. We have posted several photos of her already; here is one more, taken in London a few days ago:

Miss Perez wants to be a poet one day. There was a touching moment during the pageant finale when her father was on camera and greeted her.

If you missed it, here is the conclusion of today’s show:

The remainder of the top seven finalists were Korea, England, South Africa and Scotland, which means that most of the betting favorites didn’t make the last cut.

That concludes our pageant coverage until the fall of 2012–unless, of course, we decide to go green and begin covering Miss Earth.

UPDATE: More photos here, plus some information about Miss Venezuela that I hadn’t seen before–she was orphaned as a child and spent five years studying to be a nun.