Minnesota Public Radio wants you!

Our friends at Minnesota Public Radio have previously sought to recruit Power Line readers into their network of conservative sources. They know that there is a bit of hostility and resistance to their efforts among our readers. Nevertheless, they persist; they are even willing to endure the occasional expressions of animus that their efforts elicit. Melody Ng of MPR has contacted us to renew the request and invite readers to participate in a special survey.

Unlikely as it may seem, given our recurring complaints about public radio journalism, we have an amicable and respectful relationship with MPR. MPR is hosting a one-hour special with John Hinderaker that will be taped next week on the evening of November 29 for broadcast on November 30. Melody writes:

This may be a good time to invite Twin Cities readers to join the live audience at John Hinderaker’s Bright Ideas show. We’d love to have more Power Line readers participating in the conversation. The taping is next Tuesday, November 29. The taping starts at 7:00 p.m. Doors open at 6:30. Everyone’s invited to stay for a reception after the show. People can reserve seats on the MPR website.

You asked when the show airs, for people who aren’t local or can’t make the taping. It will be on Midday on November 30 at noon CST. So people can either listen to MPR News on their radios (here’s a station map for the state) or listen online. It’ll be archived on the Bright Ideas Web page, so people can listen anytime after the 30th.

Now to the business at hand. Melody has drawn up a survey with my input. We would appreciate the participation of our readers. Here is her invitation to Power Line readers:

Journalists are only as good as our sources. That’s why we need you. With the presidential election next year, and the GOP nomination yet undecided, news organizations are hungry to hear from conservatives – to find out what’s driving your vote.

But we need you even more beyond politics – as expert sources on schools and taxes, the economy and the legal system, on health care and everything else we cover. Conservatives are an essential part of this country, and your voices, stories and perspectives must be represented in the media.

If you feel that mainstream media don’t currently do a good job of representing your views, then please take this opportunity to talk to us. The newsroom doors are open to you.

I know that some of you likely distrust my intentions. Scott Johnson asked me to say something to address your concerns. I’m not sure how best to do that. I can promise what we pledge to all the 130,000+ people around the country who are sources in our Public Insight Network. Anything you share with us is confidential to our newsrooms unless you explicitly give us permission to broadcast or publish it. We will never spam you or sell your contact information.

My colleagues and I consider it an honor to have our jobs as journalists, and I believe to my core that we want to report with integrity. You may not always agree with a news story – I know I don’t. But we do not wish to misrepresent anyone, and we’d treat you and what you tell us with respect.

You can become a source by answering a short survey telling us what events, books, people and other experiences have influenced your political viewpoint. Here’s the link:

When did you know you were a conservative?

Your story will help us tell the story of conservative voters. And, we’ll be in touch in the future for other reporting.

Melody promises to share the survey results with us and I think they will be of interest to readers.

In speaking with her over the past few weeks I have found Melody to be an incredibly nice and reflective professional. She offers to speak personally to readers who may be interested by have concerns about participation in the project or survey:

I’m happy to answer your questions or address your concerns anytime. You can find me at [email protected] or 651-290-1499. And if you’re ever in St. Paul, I will literally throw the newsroom doors open to you. Stop by for a visit.

Thanks for your time and consideration. I hope to hear from you soon.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Melody Ng
Public Insight analyst
American Public Media

If you take Melody up on her offer to contact her, please extend her the civility she and her colleagues have extended to us.


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