MPR Recap

We are home from taping an MPR Bright Ideas show before a studio audience that included a number of friends–Clark and Sima Griffith, my wife Loree and oldest daughter Laura, podcast partner Brian Ward and his wife Rachel, and many more. Brian got home and posted this on Facebook:

Just got back from MPR taping of “Bright Ideas” with John Hinderaker. Bravura performance by the man, making a strong, articulate case for conservatism via the public airwaves. Airs tomorrow at noon on MPR (91.1). Stay tuned until near the end to hear my voice and name invoked. May be the best use of tax dollars since the moon landing.

The taping seemed to go pretty well. You can go to MPR’s site and listen live; if you poke around a little after a day or two, you should be able to find the video that will be posted before long.


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