Oh Newt! Say It Ain’t So

Just when I start pushing the Gingrich bandwagon, I learn the disturbing news that while he doesn’t have an unofficial campaign theme song, his favorite song—and cellphone ring tone!!—is “Dancing Queen.”  He explains it here:

Oh, mamma mia!  Now, I can make out that Rick Perry’s memory lapse last week was really an extremely subtle “dog whistle” (as analysts are over-fond of saying these days) to baby boomers who are increasingly experiencing the same thing these days, in an attempt to make Perry seem a more regular guy.  But it’s hard to see Newt calculating here that embracing a late disco-era hit will also summon forth the allegiance of the same demographic cohort.  Besides, doesn’t that song come from socialist Sweden?  Start listening to Abba, and pretty soon Newt will be coming out for an individual health care mandate.  Oh, wait. . .


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