Power Line Productions Presents: Occupy DC!

So with the various Occupy encampments being taken down before they completely collapse, I thought I ought to pay a visit to McPherson Square, the primary venue for Occupy DC–especially after reading this preposterous Washington Post article about Occupy DC over the weekend.  The result is this six minute Power Line exclusive video–worth watching to the end, I promise.

Postscript:  the Washington Post reports this morning that “Protesters have clashed with policeannoyed nearby business owners and, U.S. Park Police say, sparked a rise in crime that includes arrests for assault, drug possession and disorderly conduct.”  In other words, business as usual for the Occupiers.  But the DC government has decided not to follow the same path as New York, Portland, etc:

But as police have moved to curb or shut down protests in such places as Portland, Ore., and New York, where more than 200 people were arrested in Zuccotti Park on Tuesday, local officials say that Occupy D.C. can remain — for now.

“Right now we’re working to facilitate their First Amendment rights,” said Sgt. David Schlosser, a Park Police spokesman. “We have no immediate plans to do anything as far as removing anybody in the park.”

Sounds like I might have to do a sequel.