Putin’s Army

Politics can be pretty prudish here in the U.S.–depending, it seems, on the political party involved. Not so in Russia, where Vladimir Putin’s campaign for president features Putin’s Army, a group of models who vow to “tear their clothes off” for their candidate. Well, it isn’t actually clear how big the “army” is, but it includes this young lady:

Apparently the army has at least a few more members, who wash Putin’s favorite cars in this video:

The Daily Mail covers Putin’s rather racy campaign, with a link to a get-out-the-vote campaign in which a young couple doubles up in the voting booth. Democracy certainly isn’t as buttoned-down in Russia as it is in the U.S.!

Here is another example–more shocking, really: a group of journalism students have released a racy calendar, with photos of themselves along with lines like, “The fires are out but I’m still burning!”

Can you imagine a bunch of journalists in the tank for a political candidate like that? That’s something else that would never happen…no, wait…


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