The Occupiers Get On TV

Which was, I suppose, their purpose in declaring today a “day of action.” In various cities across the country, Occupiers set out to make trouble. New York was the main center, of course; protesters battled policemen at multiple points around the city, and generally came out on the short end:

Hundreds of Occupiers were arrested, some when they tried to block the Brooklyn Bridge:

Lots of working New Yorkers pushed back against the arrogant freeloaders who tried to keep them from making a living. These two workers had good messages:

It is hard for me to articulate how contemptuous I am of the Occupiers. The idea that Americans are mostly bums, criminals and freeloaders is deeply offensive. But the truth is worse than that: the Occupiers are greedy bums, criminals and freeloaders. The whole essence of their movement is that some people have money, and they would like to steal it. Until today, I would have said that the Occupier movement is 100% evil, with not a single good thing to be said about it. These two photos, however, convince me that not even the most evil phenomenon can avoid some slight admixture with higher values. This young woman is printing T-shirts, for free, at Zuccotti Park:

She is a true humanitarian. The next one is admittedly cruder, but does, in my opinion, register on the positive side of the scale:

Other than that, the day was a complete loss for the Occupiers–and, especially, for the Democratic Party, which is now trying to disengage itself from the malodorous movement that it once embraced with such enthusiasm.


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