The Occupiers In Two Sad Photos

Are the Occupiers the lamest political movement in history? These photos suggest as much. This one, via InstaPundit, was taken by the great Zombie for PJ Media. Somehow the spirit of JFK has lost a bit in the current generation:

This transposition pretty well sums up the demise of the Democratic Party and American liberalism.

Then there is this one, taken at U.C. Davis:

Arrest ideas? Heck, in today’s America we can’t even arrest leftists for public defecation and masturbation; we will be lucky if we catch the Occupiers who committed murder. As long as the idea consists of sitting in a tree and banging on a drum once in a while, I’m pretty sure those wicked, pepper-spraying coppers will leave her alone. On the other hand, if lameness ever becomes a crime, these folks could be in a world of trouble!