Bright Ideas with John Hinderaker

MPR has posted the audio of Stephen Smith’s nearly one-hour interview with our own John Hinderaker on its Bright Ideas program earlier this week. The audio is accessible here. It’s an entertaining and instructive interview. Smith does a good job of drawing John out, public-radio style, and letting him talk. Please check it out.

The folks associated with MPR have asked us to make one last pitch to our readers in connection with John’s appearance. Melody Ng asks that you consider participating in the When did you know you were a conservative? survey that is posted at the link. She adds:

And we’re interested in hearing from people all over the country, because this won’t be just for reporting at MPR. People would become sources for American Public Media and our newsroom partners.

We’ve gotten nearly 200 responses from when you posted last Wednesday. I’m still reading through the responses, but will organize and get them to you next week.


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