Flag Burning at Occupy Charlotte

We haven’t paid much attention to the Occupiers lately; nor, for the most part, has anyone else. But every now and then they continue to endear themselves to the American public. Like last night, when four members of Occupy Charlotte–including their media spokesman!–burned two American flags next to their encampment:

Officers said they noticed the suspects lighting something on fire directly in front of the Occupy camp along Trade Street around 12:30 a.m. Friday morning.

Police swarmed the area, and detained the men while firefighters were called in to knock down the flames. About $30 worth of damage was caused to landscaping at the site.

It was only after the fire was out did officials figure out what was burning, the American flag.

Police said the men claimed they were burning the flag in protest. Burning the flag is not illegal, however doing it outside of a fire pit, and within ten feet from flammable tents poses a problem.

The Occupiers were their usual charming selves:

Police officers told WBTV the protesters gave them a verbal tongue-lashing while being detained, calling then fascists, as well as using other colorful words.

One of the Occupiers is led away in handcuffs:

With luck, the Occupations will continue right up to the November 2012 election.