Folicalism, The Sequel

It appears that a Power Line reader wrote directly to Prof. Michael Schlesinger–the subject of yesterday’s diversion about crew cuts–to taunt him:

Hey, Mike, I just read your email to Chris Matthews taking him to task for his anti-crew cut bigotry. I was pumping my fist in the air when I saw a picture of you.

My God, man! Your HAIR!!! It looks like it’s been chewed by goats. Loosen up that wallet, dude. Step into a barber shop now and then. First, though, let that hair (?) grow out. You look like a kid who just graduated 6th grade in 1959.

You really are a ridiculous looking sort of a turdboy.


Conrad Baylor

As a general matter I think we shouldn’t start flame wars with folks over personal characteristics, but then it is the Left that argues “the personal is political. ” But more to the point, Prof. Schlesinger replied in character (this is for those of you out there who think this whole thing was made up–you couldn’t make up stuff this good):
Dear Mr. Baylor:
It seems from your comment below that you may not have understood my criticism of Chris Matthews.
What I was trying to convey is that we should not judge our fellow human beings based on their appearance.
Instead, we should judge each other as we would wish to be judged — on who we are as a person.
Of course this is an old lesson — do unto others as you would have them do unto you — judge not, lest you be judged.
We are all part of the human family — all 7 billion of us now.
When I was born, in 1943, there were only 2.3 billion human beings in the world — now essentially the population of China and India alone.
We should take care of each other as we would those of our direct family, with kindness, understanding and care.
By mid-century there will be 9 billion of us human beings, and by century’s end perhaps 12 billion.
We need much more care, understanding and kindness now than when I was born — much more.
We have it in our power to make the world a better place for us all.
I will not be here to see this, but perhaps you will.
I wish you well and all others on your journey through life.
Michael Schlesinger
Mr. Baylor couldn’t leave it alone, and followed up:
With that hair, you look like a one-man freak show. That’s why you’re pissed at Matthews. He stung your vanity.
Of course Prof. Schlesinger had to reply:
Dear Mr, Baylor:

Well I am what I am, freak show or not.
Actually I had a flattop haircut back in 1959, when I was 16 not 6, as you posited.
Even though I had that haircut then, I was a not then a conservative — thus belying Chris Matthews’ hypothesis.
I am not pissed at him, rather I am disappointed.
I ask you to read more carefully what I wrote you and give up your invective.
An argument thereby you cannot win, ever.
You only defeat yourself by such inflammatory prose.
I have now devoted enough time to you, Mr. Baylor, so I will now move on to other matters.
I will not communicate with you again.
Michael Schlesinger
P.S.  Prof. Schlesinger copied Chris Matthews on these follow-ups, too.  Please, please, Chris–have this person on your show to defend crew cuts from “lookism.”  Think of what it will do for your ratings!


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