Kambwili speaks

In his Impromptus column today, NR’s Jay Nordlinger brings the news made by the foreign minister of Zambia earlier this month:

George W. Bush was making a visit to Zambia and some other African countries. He has a great many fans in Africa — maybe more than he does here in the U.S.

Amnesty International is not a fan. They consider him a war criminal. They want him arrested. Last fall, they asked Canada to do the job (while Bush was visiting British Columbia). Canada declined. More recently, they asked those African states to do the job.

And here is what the Zambian foreign minister, Chishimba Kambwili, said: “On what basis does Amnesty International want us to arrest Mr. Bush? Tell them to hang, and also please ask them to create their own country and wait for Mr. Bush to visit their country so that they can arrest him to suit their wish and not here in Zambia.”

Jay concludes on a note of sheer fantasy: “Any chance we could get Kambwili in the State Department?”