Paging Monty Python

So I typically get a lot of pushback from liberals when I argue, as I did again in my recent “ideology” series here, that modern liberalism has no limiting principle beyond which it won’t go in a vain attempt to achieve egalitarian perfection.  One recent interlocutor, writing in reply to my article on “Modernizing Conservatism,” said that  he does not recognize any such liberal as I describe.

How about the liberal clowns suing a paintball park for discriminating against the blind?

Don'tcha kinda need to be able to see to play this?

Where is Monty Python when you need them, staging a paintball match against the Helen Keller Society for the Blind?

Moreover, why won’t liberals show up to support reform of the statutes that allow such suits to go forward?  Simple answer.  Liberals won’t lift a finger against the trial bar or the advocacy groups that benefit from this kind of abuse of the rule of law.  File this one in your thick folder labeled, “liberal hypocrisy.”  Make that a whole file drawer.  Maybe even a library.



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