Re-Elect Scott Walker

I attended a lunch event with Scott Walker today. He is a very impressive guy, up there with Bobby Jindal and one or two others as America’s top governors. He came into office in January 2011 facing a multi-billion dollar deficit, and immediately proceeded to carry out his campaign promises. He balanced Wisconsin’s budget without raising taxes, liberated public employees from the yoke of mandatory union contributions, and enacted reforms that allowed teachers and other public employees to keep their jobs rather than being laid off. As a result, the Left went berserk. Efforts have already been made to recall Republican state senators and defeat a Republican Supreme Court justice running for re-election. Now the main event is beginning: the Left is trying to obtain around 500,000 petition signatures, by hook or by crook, to force an election in which they hope to recall Governor Walker. Assuming they get the signatures, the recall election will take place in May.

This interview of Governor Walker on Sean Hannity’s show is a good introduction to the issues; it includes one of the ads that Governor Walker’s supporters are running:

What horrifies liberals about Walker’s reforms is that they have been successful. Rather than deteriorating, local government and school district finances have improved, in part because they are no longer forced to pay absurdly high rates for insurance benefits from a company owned by the teacher’s union. Wisconsin’s economy is growing and jobs are being added. Thus, liberals want to take Walker out now, before the dust has settled and it is obvious to everyone that his policies have worked. It as though the Democrats had tried to drive President Reagan out of office in 1983, before it was–for them–too late.

National labor unions and rich liberals are pouring tens of millions of dollars into Wisconsin in the effort to turn back the clock and discredit conservative, free-market ideas. The amount they will spend to reverse the result of the 2010 election will dwarf anything that has ever been seen in Wisconsin politics. We can’t come close to matching the Left’s money, but we don’t have to. We just need to contribute enough to give the truth a fighting chance.

You can go here to learn more about the issues in Wisconsin and contribute to Governor Walker’s de facto re-election effort. I was deeply impressed by Walker today, as were all of the others in attendance. I contributed to his campaign, and I hope you will too. What is going on in Wisconsin is an important battle in the Left’s war against our freedoms. It is vitally important that they be stopped.


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