Uncommon Knowledge with James Delingpole

James Delingpole is the witty, right-minded columnist and blogger for the Telegraph. Among his several books are Obamaland: I Have Seen Your Future and It Doesn’t Work and, most recently, Watermelons: The Green Movement’s True Colors.

The latter book provides the occasion for Peter Robinson’s interview with Delingpole in the latest installment of Uncommon Knowledge. Delingpole himself introduces the installment here, mostly in the form of a tribute to our friend Mr. Robinson. Among the subjects discussed in this entertaining installment of the series are the European Union, the culture of welfarism, the Green movement, and socialized medicine. Key quote: “Never believe a word you read in The Economist.” Through our arrangement with the Hoover Institution we are pleased to present it in its entirety. Please check it out.


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