Village Voice: America’s Lamest News Site?

Normally I pay zero attention to what goofballs say about me, but my wife brought my attention to this piece by one Roy Edroso in the Village Voice, titled “Rightbloggers Declare Former Future President Herman Cain a (What Else?) Victim of Obama, Media.” I was one of the principal conservatives quoted, ostensibly, by Mr. Edroso:

John Hinderaker at Power Line was similarly slippery: “I am angered because people who wanted Herman Cain out of the way got what they wanted,” he wrote.

Actually, I wrote no such thing, as you can see if you follow Mr. Edroso’s link.

Really? Who were they? “I am also angered because I do not believe these accusations would have seen the light of day had he not won the Florida Straw Poll.” So — it was one of the other Republican candidates, then? Which one?

Nope. I didn’t write that either.

“People who spread rumor, innuendo and outright lies have been rewarded for their behavior. The truth no longer matters.” Well, that could be anybody. Got a name?

Sorry. I didn’t write that.

“Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney and other GOP candidates can expect far worse if they are in any position to unseat President Obama.” Ah, so it wasn’t the other candidates? But then who —

Sorry if this is getting boring, but I didn’t write that, either.

“What happened to Herman Cain,” Hinderaker finally said, “is what the Democrats intend to do to whoever the Republican nominee turns out to be. They know they can’t win a debate on the economy or on President Obama’s record, so they will do everything they can to distract the voters’ attention from those matters, which should be decisive, and instead turn the focus to the GOP candidate and his or her alleged foibles…”

“Finally” is right! The Village Voice finally quotes something I actually did say. But they go on to comment inappropriately, based on their wrongly attributing all of the preceding quotes to me:

Clever! Hinderaker never actually said Obama did it, but shrewdly ruled out — by innuendo if not by logic — the people who had the most to gain by Cain’s exit, and turned suspicion on Obama, who would be singing Glory Hallelujah if the bumbling Cain were nominated to run against him. As long as the Republican gravy train still runs, Hinderaker will never miss a meal.

This makes no sense, of course. I didn’t say that anyone other than Herman Cain was responsible for Cain’s demise. I warned that the Democrats have every intention of trying to hang on to power by diverting attention from Obama’s failures to the real or alleged eccentricities of the Republican candidate, and therefore the GOP should nominate someone without the glaring weaknesses that came to light during the Cain campaign.

I don’t know who (if anyone) actually wrote the first four quotes that the Voice attributed to me. But it is impossible to take seriously a liberal “journalist” who links to a post, and then attacks it by fabricating four quotes that are nowhere to be found at the link. Is the Village Voice America’s lamest news site? We report, you decide.


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