What To Do About Trump?

Republicans are on edge these days. The fate of the Republic hangs in the balance; Barack Obama, an unpopular president widely perceived as a failure, should be beatable in November; on paper, the GOP is poised to take the Senate and hold the House; but every day something seems to go wrong. Our Congressional leaders are a gang that can’t shoot straight, and our presidential contenders have staged what amounts to a reality show for the last six months–a frequently embarrassing reality show, like Housewives of Beverly Hills or the Kardashians. On top of everything else, Donald Trump has now revealed that he isn’t a Republican after all–no surprise there–and he continues to threaten a third-party run that presumably would ensure Obama’s re-election.

So how do we deal with the loose cannon that is Donald Trump? At PJ Media, Roger Simon acknowledges Trump’s unique gifts and offers a possible solution–not a practical one, to be sure, but in principle a way of killing two birds with one stone:


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