A word from “Zeb” Zobenica

I knew Zeb Zobenica’s thoughts on the OWS phenomenon would strike a chord with readers, and they did. Mr. Zobenica writes to thank you for your warm comments:

Dear Scott et al,

Thanks for allowing my #OWS piece “air time” on Powerlineblog.com. I feel like a guy plucked from the town team and allowed to pinch hit in the show.

The respectable blogosphere, where I place Power Line near the top, is the 21st-century equivalent of Poor Richard’s Almanac, or a “barber shop without borders,” where ideas and knowledge are discussed and disseminated.

I am not on Facebook, so I am unable to extend my appreciation to your cadre of commenters for their kind remarks, but they have restored my faith in the “common wisdom” of our citizenry.

With appreciation,

R.M. “Zeb” Zobenica
Capt., USMC (Ret.)


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