AFSCME’s Newtron bomb

Hugh Hewitt draws attention to the astounding news that the AFSCME arm of the AFL-CIO has bought $800,000 worth of television time to run this ad attacking Mitt Romney’s tenure at Bain. (Hugh credits Conn Carroll for the inside dope.)

AFSCME’s ad gives voice to some of the same sort of high-minded concerns about Romney’s work at Bain that Newt has voiced. The ad will run throughout the state of Florida through the primary on January 31. AFSCME wants to help Republicans do Democrats the favor of serving up Gingrich to run against President Obama in the fall.

AFSCME supports Newt because it is of the view that Newt is the weakest of the three serious GOP candidates remaining. AFSCME’s game runs a few leagues beyond Rush’s Operation Chaos, designed for entertainment value to prolong an opponent’s intraparty contest. Rather, it is AFSCME’s Newtron bomb, designed surgically to destroy the Republican Party while leaving the buildings standing. AFSCME is detonating its bomb to provide crucial support to the GOP’s weakest possible nominee.

I can’t think of a single thing that AFSCME supports that people of good judgment shouldn’t oppose, and I seriously doubt that this is an exception. I should think that conservatives who are drinking Newt’s hard stuff would be sobered up finding themselves in bed with the AFSCME crowd on the morning after the South Carolina primary.