Great Moments In Prior SOTUs

One reason why presidents feel free to bloviate without restraint in SOTU speeches is that they know hardly anyone will ever go back, months or years down the road, and recall what they said. It is a feel-good exercise of the moment, intended to be free of consequences, other than the immediate political ones.

Still, some might wonder: what was President Obama touting in his SOTU two years ago? The answer–Solyndra:

Of course, as the Democrats like to say, that was then, this is now. Still, those who pay attention can probably figure out that a president who is now 0 for 3 in his SOTU forecasts is probably going to go 0 for 4. But two years from now, absent a suicidal spasm by Republican primary voters, Obama will be long gone, and no one–not even we!–will bother to remember what he said tonight.


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