How Do You Relax After A Hard Week Of Work?

Well, scotch is an option, sure. But lately I’ve taken to shooting. The local Gander Mountain has an excellent firing range, and there are other good ranges nearby, too. Tonight I went shooting with my pal Mitch Berg; my wife and oldest daughter swung by and fired off some rounds, too. Here you see my daughter and me; she is shooting and I am supervising:

Oddly, the guy in the back looks like he is balding a bit. Must be the lighting.

We put 250 rounds through my trusty Sig Sauer Mosquito. The guys to our left and right were firing heavier caliber weapons. I’ve found that shooting a gun for an hour or so is a good way to transition from the stress of the work week to the relaxation of the weekend. Or, really, it is fun just about any time.


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