Law Lights to Keep Turned On

Our friends at the Volokh Conspiracy have some new competition in the legal blogspace (but being market-oriented I know they won’t mind) from our mutual liberty-loving friends at the Liberty Fund, who have started the new site LibertyLawBlog.   It features as its chief contributors Michael Rappaport of the University of San Diego Law School, and my AEI colleague Michael Greve, whose new book, The Upside Down Constitution (forthcoming from Harvard University Press), I predict will be a major intellectual event among the elite ranks of legal academia.

About Michael Greve’s intricate constitutionalism I’ll just say, this is not your father’s original intent.  His longtime counterintuitive work on federalism, for example, often leads him to positions directly opposite the conservative chalk line, such as, for example, this post on National Review Online in which he argues that the states ought to lose their challenge to the Obamacare Medicaid mandate.

And if you are not familiar with Liberty Fund, no, it’s not a mutual fund, but exists chiefly to publish fine, affordable editions of the classic and modern texts of classical liberalism, and sponsor small, invitation-only seminars for intellectuals and academics and the occasional business-person.  (John and Scott ought to be invited to participate—hint, hint.  I’ve long since been retired from the circuit.)

Meanwhile, as a public service announcement for our readers near Power Line World Headquarters in the Twin Cities, the Center of the American Experiment, the Minnesota Free Market Institute, and the Federalist Society are hosting a luncheon event on January 25 at the University of St. Thomas Law School on the controversy over executive orders.  CLE credit offered for you lawyers out there!


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