It’s over folks.  Deal with it.

This is an analytical statement, not a rah-rah of Romney Enthusiasm (which sounds like an oxymoron).

Now, what next?  I join the incredulous conservatives who wonder how the Republican Party became a circular firing squad for private sector capitalism the last week or so.  I understand how raw political ambition leads people to lose their judgment, but attacking capitalism itself?  Embracing the Occupy Wall Street critique of markets gives political opportunism a bad name.

But I also join James Taranto, Rush Limbaugh, and others who think this attack may have done Romney a world of good.  I can see how the debate line or TV spot against Obama might go:

Yes, I invested ten million dollars of private investors’ money in a venture that didn’t work, and a thousand people lost their jobs.  We bore the loss.

President Obama invested $5 billion of your tax money on Solyndra, Range Fuels, and other boondoggles.  Thousands of people lost their jobs, and you won’t get your tax money back.

Something like that ought to work.


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