Newt goes kamikaze

A funny thing happened on the way to the New Hampshire primary. Newt Gingrich turned himself into a kamikaze pilot aimed at Mitt Romney. Rush Limbaugh characaterizes it slightly differently. He says that Newt is going Perot.

But why is Newt doing this? Peter Wehner has some thoughts predicated on the notion that Gingrich really believed that the Wheel of Fortune had actually stopped on him when he became the non-Romney of the week after Herman Cain.

Is it really possible that Newt failed to recognize the likely temporary nature of his fortune as the non-Romney of the week? I’m afraid it is. One thing we’ve learned over the past few days is that there isn’t much Newt believes in more than himself.

NOTE: In case you missed her assessment yesterday, I’m giving the last word to Michelle Malkin: “The abysmal incompetence of the non-Romneys.”

UPDATE: For a view from a slightly different angle, see Michael Walsh’s NRO/Corner post “The Battle of Bain.”


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