Barack Obama, the Money Machine

Barack Obama is not an especially talented man, except in one respect: he is a genius at raising money. Hands down, he is the greatest moneybags in the history of politics. The latest reminder of his prowess comes from the Washington Post:

Obama’s campaign and the Democratic National Committee — even without a Republican nominee in place yet — spent twice as much money as all the GOP candidates combined in 2011. It is all part of the president’s expanding effort to mobilize supporters and start building the massive infrastructure for a successful reelection campaign.

That’s right–with the race not officially underway and no primary challenger, President Obama is outspending all of the Republican candidates combined, two to one. The tsunami of spending the Democrats will unleash between now and November will eclipse anything ever seen in the history of this or any other country.

Can the Republicans overcome the Democrats’ financial advantage? Possibly. There will be a lot of money on the GOP side too, enough to get the candidates’ messages out. But when a candidate is vastly outspent, as John McCain was in 2008, he has at least one strike against him.


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