Occupiers Scrubbed From McPherson Park

The Occupy movement is winding down, as protesters in most cities have slunk away. Washington’s McPherson Park is the home–so to speak–of one of the last Occupier outposts. But even Washington has had enough; early this morning, District police officers descended on McPherson Park to enforce the no-camping law:

Dozens of U.S. Park Police officers in riot gear and on horseback converged before dawn Saturday on one of the nation’s last remaining Occupy sites, with police clearing away tents they said were banned under park rules.

We were reminded, once again, how disgusting the Occupiers are:

The police used barricades to cordon off sections of McPherson Square, a park under federal jurisdiction near the White House, and checked tents for mattresses and sleeping bags and sifted through piles of garbage and other belongings. Some wore yellow and white biohazard suits to guard against diseases identified at the site in recent weeks. Officials also have raised concerns about a rat infestation.

Here are some of the officers in hazmat suits:

We haven’t heard much about the Occupiers from Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi lately. Presumably they no longer want to be identified with people you need hazmat suits to clean up after.

McPherson Park, by the way, is named for General James McPherson. McPherson was a brilliant man who graduated first in his class from West Point. He was one of the most highly respected men in the Union army, and many predicted that he would be President of the United States one day. Tragically, he was killed in battle in 1864 at age 35, one of the two highest ranking Union soldiers killed in the field. The morons who camped out in McPherson Park and put one of their stupid Guy Fawkes masks on his statue are not fit to be mentioned in the same breath with James McPherson.