Pre-Game Notes

No, not that game.  (Though my chicken wings are marinating.)  The election game.  I watched the “Meet the Press” roundtable this morning, and I was struck with the firestorm David Brooks set off by criticizing the Obama Administration’s moves against the Catholic Church that we have discussed here on Power Line, which Brooks says is being under-covered by the mainstream media.  Brooks, a secular Jew, thinks it is a “huge issue.”  Rachel “Mad Dog” Maddow naturally took the other side, but with equal vehemence so did Democratic Congressman Xavier Beccarra, who ought to know better.  One of the things that turned evangelical voters against Jimmy Carter in 1980 (evangelicals had supported him strongly in 1976) were administration rules affecting the tax exempt status of private religious schools.  It got almost no attention from the New York Times, etc, but was a huge issue for religious voters in 1980, and was a lit fuse that blew up in churches across the country.  I’m amazed at how often Obama seems to imitate many of Carter’s political mistakes. It’s like he was in college or something smoking dope at the time and didn’t pay attention.  Oh, wait. . .

Second, you know the Occupy movement is pretty much done when Bill Maher says he’s “almost in agreement with Newt Gingrich” about it.  Here’s what he said on Friday’s show:

“As I watch them on the news now, I find myself almost in agreement with Newt Gingrich, like, ‘You know what, get a job.’ Only because the people who originally started it, I think they went home. Now it’s just these anarchists stragglers. And this is the problem when your movement involves sleeping over in the park. You wind up attracting the people who were sleeping over in the park anyway. And I think this is where we are with the ‘Occupy movement'”



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