Sling Baby, the $1 Million Finals!

Justin Folk created the animated video that won the Power Line Prize contest, The Spending Is Nuts. More recently, Justin has worked on a non-political project, as part of a team that created a Doritos commercial for the Super Bowl. You likely saw it; Justin did the special effects and the baby in the commercial is his 15-month-old son Jonah. It is, in my opinion, a great commercial:

The Super Bowl is over, but a contest to select the best Super Bowl ad is still in progress. I asked Justin to explain the status; here is his reply:

All the Super Bowl ads compete in the USA Today/Facebook ad meter. The public is open to rate all the ads from the Super Bowl on facebook. Voting takes place until tomorrow at 6pm Eastern. If we finish in first place, Doritos will pay our team $1 Million. We are trying to motivate people to vote for Sling Baby with 5 stars.

There’s more info on our facebook page:

You can go here to vote. Hey: if anyone is going to share in a $1 million prize, why shouldn’t it be the creator of The Spending Is Nuts?


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