The Church of Big Government

Michael Ramirez, my favorite cartoonist, is on a roll. We noted here his brilliant depiction of the church of government:

Within the last 48 hours or so he has drawn two more cartoons on the Obama administration’s suppression of religious liberty. Obama apparently was surprised that Catholics actually have principles:

To be fair, the behavior of the Catholic church’s hierarchy in recent years might well have lulled Obama into the belief that the church didn’t stand for much of anything. Then there is this one. Back to the theme of big government; what would Obama do? Jesus? He’s passé!

It isn’t clear to me whether Obama is gaining or losing from the current controversy over birth control and abortion. Nor is it clear whether the Obama administration planned the controversy from the beginning for political reasons, or stumbled into it inadvertently. One can only hope that in a showdown between the arrogant power of untrammeled government, exemplified by Barack Obama, and the lonely conscience of the individual, most Americans are still on the side of freedom.


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